NRG Player


Version 2.2.6

New functions
  • added playlist information to playback screen
  • added landscape mode for lockscreen
Error correction
  • improved new songs scanning
  • improved album covers recognition
  • fixed album cover update for status bar

Version 2.0.1

New functions
  • material design
  • support tablets
  • support Android 6.0+
Error correction
  • bug fixes

Version 1.1.9a

New functions
  • no
Error correction
  • graphics issues on devices with Android 5.0
  • songs playback from third party applications

Version 1.1.8

New functions
  • Permanent menu button for all devices
  • Add multiple playlists to playback queue
  • Option to disable album art update
  • Auto search for new songs after changing music search directories
  • Support MPC format
Error correction
  • Wrong memory card detection
  • Can't add more than 3000 songs to playback queue

Version 1.1.6с

New functions
  • Switch between albums/artists/folders/playlists on Main Screen
  • On tap playback for albums, artists, folders and whole music collection
  • New option "Don't switch off the screen on playback"
  • New option "Don't interrupt playback on sounds from other applications"
  • Add music only to the library
Error correction
  • Lose headset
  • Wrong current track representation
  • MOD music playback

Version 1.1.5e

New functions
  • Skins
  • Separate settings for file names encoding
  • Changing album art
  • New random algorithm
Error correction
  • Play on headset connection
  • Get album art for new tracks

Version 1.1.3a

New functions
  • equalizer tabs
  • new effects in GUI for music library tabs
  • lock screen widget
  • in app billing
  • add graphics for xxhdpi
Error correction
  • memory leaks
  • playback queue issues

Version 1.1.2a

New functions
  • background previews
  • control buttons and album cover in notifications
  • save bass and treble to equalizer presets
  • show directory path in the file manager
Error correction
  • battery leak on unplug/unplug headphones
  • crashes on unmount sd card
  • always play on plugin headphones feature
  • jump song selector on delete song from sd card
  • other crashes

Version 1.1.0e

New functions
  • support Sony SmartWatch devices
  • customizable background
  • pause on Google Navigator voice and some other audio notifications
  • support Sony SmartWatch devices
  • translate to new languages
Error correction
  • fix 4.1 Android issues
  • fix unlocker issues
  • fix press through the menu
  • fix drag and drop in the playlist
  • improve UI user experience

Version 1.0.9c

New functions
  • menu button for Android 4.0+
  • increase preamp to 200%
Error correction
  • fix bug with switch songs by volume buttons
  • fix bug with headset in Android 3.0+
  • fix bug with switch on screen on headset actions
  • fix bug with drawing equalizer bars

Version 1.0.9

New functions
  • New sound engine
  • Equalizer for all formats
  • Support lossless formats (flac, alac, ape, ...)
  • Sound effects (bass boost, treble boost, preamp)
  • New lock screen design
  • Improve scan music function
Error correction
  • Correct change color UI for Android 3.0+
  • Fix critical errors
  • Optimize battery usage

NRG Player

Music player for Android

Best music player with an 10 band equalizer, support lossless (.FLAC, .ALAC), that plays songs from folders and has customizable user interface.

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